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Timo Shanko: Freedom Right Now


“Bassist and saxophonist Timo Shanko presents an exhilarating set of songs on Freedom Right Now...

...As good a bassist as he may be, Shanko is a demon on reeds. Playing both tenor and baritone saxophones on this album, he scorches the mind with soulful radiance...

...An album well worth the trouble to find, Freedom Right Now will hopefully bring Shanko and his men some deserved recognition...

Timo Shanko:  Waxing Philisophic/Eulogy for a Dying Planet


The double CD Waxing Philosophic/Eulogy for a Dying Planet is the rare venue spacious enough to feature the full spectrum of saxophonist Timo Shanko’s compositions. Shanko’s influences are myriad; he seems to have ingested every bit of good music recorded over the last half century. Yet the music featured here is original in that word’s truest sense: it sounds only like Shanko.

Fully Celebrated Orchestra:  Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones

Village Voice:  Top 10 of 2009, Critics Poll:  #51

The Jazz Session:  Top 10 Jazz CDs of 2010

Village Voice

“..savory funk / vigorous odd-meter human-drum-machine patterns / manipulated dub / folkish / fiery free jazz / riveting alto lines / quiet intensity / music of a high caliber and a hell of a lot of fun.”

Dusted Magazine

“Shanko’s brief solo on the title track slides around with the relaxed precision achieved by very few...

...This trio has crafted a disc full of power and intrigue on every level.”

G. Love & Special Sauce - Live

Soul Taco

“The guys are a solid group lead by G-Love's blues guitar style and hip-hop rooted lyrics.  The members are: G. Love - vox/guitar/harp; Timo Shanko - bass; Houseman - drums; and Mark Boyce - keys. I have to say that the bass player nearly stole the show in my opinion. Full upright bass that he played like a toy.“

Miami New Times

“After "Blues Music," "Garbage Man" led into the first extended jam of the evening, featuring some really hot playing on the double bass by Timo Shanko, and a provided a smooth segue into "Dreamin'."

                    The Register Herald

Love took the stage... with standout Shanko rippin’ it up technically and creatively.  ...After that, Special Sauce rejoined G. Love onstage... with the highlight being virtuosic bass player Timo Shanko’s heady tenor sax solo.”

KDHX 88.1

“Special Sauce was in prime condition tonight, with

bassist Timo Shanko keeping the groove while flying all over the fret board of his upright bass...”


“...you get what you came for with G. Love. Veteran showmanship and musicality -- most notably in upright bass solos (!) by Timo Shanko -- and a groove that's hard to beat in the ‘summertime jam’ category.”